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Rita Konig’s diary of a farmhouse renovation: curtains and blinds features off-white Scottish Holland roller blinds supplied by us.

Rita Konig said…

“Something I had not reckoned on at North Farm was the need for screening at the windows, rather than just curtains to block out the dark, chilly nights and early-morning light. But the south-facing rooms are so bright and there is quite a bit of traffic–a tractor heading up the drive with the farmer and his dog at the wheel as one is getting dressed, for example.

To combat these issues, I have ordered a bunch of my favourite Indian split-bamboo ‘Chik’ blinds from Joss Graham. However, the bamboo becomes sheer when the lights are on and I don’t like seeing the darkness through them. To prevent this, in rooms where they are the main blinds, I have added off-white Scottish Holland roller blinds by The SH Blind Company behind them. This firm has a three-day lead time, which is nothing short of miraculous in this business. When you pull the roller blind down, the bamboo becomes opaque, creating a warmer look. “